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Warrior Custom Golf Complaints: Free Golf World

Free Golf World: Golfer and his Golf Club Playing the game of golf is very challenging. A lot of research is performed and geared at improving your game. The research at Warrior Custom Golf complaints stem from bad swings and bad equipment. So we are constantly conducting research and coming out with new technology for you. You can test out new clubs at the sites listed below.

Get a free Hybrid or
Lob Wedge

Hole in One Redemption

http://www.holeinoneredemption.com/ is where you can get a lob wedge or a 20 degree hybrid for FREE*. They also offer you both clubs simultaneously as a bundle if you want to test play them together. This is a great deal and a great opportunity to try out new technology.

Warrior Golf Technology

http://www.warriorgolftechnology.com/ is another site that has FREE* golf clubs available. What makes them special is that they offer a free balata putter for you to test play. Unfortunately, you cannot order all three items in a bundle like the other site, however; nothing is stopping you from ordering the bundle from the first site then ordering just the putter at Warrior Golf Technology.

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